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My name is Joanna and this is my third year of being an international student at Lourdes Hill College. As an international student I have to say that Lourdes Hill College is like a big family to me, because I receive so much extra care and help from the teachers and students. Also everyone at Lourdes Hill College is extremely friendly and positive, which I think demonstrates the school‘s spirit. I have made many Australian and international friends from school and we enjoy learning and knowing each other’s cultures. I am in Year 12 now, and I am so glad that I am doing the subjects that I really like.  Everyone around me is very hard working because we care about our future and so do the teachers. I would like to encourage more and more international students to come to Lourdes Hill College, to be one of us. I believe everyone at Lourdes Hill College will become the best that we can be.
Joanna (Year 12 2015)
My name is Lucy and I am an overseas student from Shanghai. This is my last year at Lourdes Hill College and I have to admit that my journey at LHC has been an inspirational one in my life. I began my Australian education at this school in 2012, which was the beginning of Year 10. Of course, I had lots of difficulties in studying and living when I first came here but during my time at LHC, these lovely teachers and staff have given great support which helped me challenge myself and overcome the problems.

Also, the fascinating Australian culture and religious spirit that I have learnt at LHC develop both my knowledge and mind.  I have made many local friends at this school, who are very friendly and helpful and enrich my social life as well.  At LHC, the ESL program (English as a Second Language) provided for the international students really gives the chance to minimise the gap from us to native English-speakers.  I appreciate the different types of resources which this school gives international students like me. I hope the experience at LHC will enable me to pursue my further study in Australia and open up a better career path for me.   
Lucy (Year 12 2014)
Before I came to Lourdes Hill College, I studied at Griffith University for five months.  This helped me understand everything easier at school.  Lourdes Hill is a beautiful girls’ school.  The environment here is great and the teachers are friendly to our international students which makes us feel warm when we are at school.  We have good facilities to help us study.  I like staying in the library where it is very quiet and there are many books for you to search information and some computers as well.  I like the teachers over here.  Whenever you have questions you can ask them for help.  So the biggest thing for you to do is ask when you don’t know something.  I chose accounting and economics to help me become an Accountant in the future.  These two subjects are very interesting.  I will try my best to achieve my goal at Lourdes Hill.
Mia (Year 12 2015)
Being at Lourdes Hill College has been great fun.  Lourdes Hill College has ESL for international students.  It really helped me a lot.  I could improve my English skills in this class. Lourdes Hill College is the most beautiful school that I have ever seen. It is along the river and it looks very shiny under the sun.  All the classmates and teachers are very friendly to me and helpful.  They take care of my study and school life.  I believe in the future I will experience a different high school life because I am at Lourdes Hill College.
Zoe (Year 12 2015)
The school provides a beautiful environment and lots of facilities for us. The classmates, teachers and staff are very nice and they have helped me a lot. I really enjoy studying here because I can learn about different cultures and broaden my horizons, and most importantly it is to improve my English skills.
Gigi (Year 12 2015)