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Good Samaritan Ethos

The charism of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan is at the heart of our College and underpins all that we do. The Parable of the Good Samaritan ends with Jesus saying, "Go and do likewise!" This is our guiding principle. 
Doing likewise involves recognising our neighbour as anyone in need and responding to those needs with generosity and compassion. 

This ethos impels us to embrace the principles of Catholic Social Teaching in our curriculum and to pursue peace and justice through social action.

As a community, Lourdes Hill College puts its Good Samaritan ethos into practice by supporting its neighbours in need through a range of projects, including:
Lourdes Hill College is a proud supporter of Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion, an annual fundraising initiative assisting communities in need all over the world. Our students’ unified approach to helping others has positioned the College as the top fundraising school in Australia, with over $23,000 raised in 2017.
Another whole of school initiative is the Vinnies Can Drive in Term 3. The response from our community is greatly appreciated by the Vinnies Conference from Sts Peter and Paul’s, Bulimba, who share the cans far and wide.
In Term 4, students create hampers for our neighbours in need as part of the Vinnies Christmas Appeal. Many members of the LHC community then volunteer to deliver the hampers during their Christmas holidays, experiencing firsthand the power of the Good Samaritan ethos in action.
Service Groups
Our students are deeply engaged in our extensive social justice program, where they can make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Our service groups support a range of different causes, from human rights to environmental protection and everything in between. Every year in Term 2, each of service groups has a week dedicated to it, in order to raise awareness and funds for their charities of their choice.
Middle School Social Justice Project
Our Years 7-9 students dedicate one term each year to supporting an initiative of their choice. The projects involve practical service designed to respond to a specific community need and are driven by our Middle School leaders. These projects instill a sense of compassion and generosity in our students from the earliest stage of their secondary education.