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Prayer & Liturgy
The prayer and liturgical life of the College is nurtured by a committed staff. Through both highly-structured and relatively-unstructured experiences, students are encouraged to explore their individual spirituality. Emphasis is placed on creating relevant, challenging and engaging prayer and liturgy opportunities.
Each day begins with prayer in Home Group and concludes with the Lourdes Prayer each afternoon. 

The College community gathers for prayer on a weekly basis at the beginning of each assembly. There are three full College celebrations of Eucharist to reflect our three stories: Lourdes Day (celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and marking the beginning of the academic year); the Feast of St Benedict; and the Mass for Sharing on Good Samaritan Day. Annual Easter and Christmas liturgies are held for the whole school and there are many other opportunities to gather as a community in prayer. 

A prayer ritual is held each Friday at lunchtime and Mass is said each Thursday morning before school. Home Groups are assigned to prepare these communal celebrations and all members of the community are invited to attend.