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2016 Recipient
The Spirituality in Art Award recipient for 2016 was Lia Drivas for her work, Bianca

Taking the concept of our lives being a journey, Lia explored the concept of youth through the fresh faces of teenagers. The developmental years are an important part of life’s journey; it is during our youth that we find out who we are. We encounter the aspects in life that we most like such as hobbies, new found passions and what gives us our ‘spark’. Lia’s photograph is named after the model, Bianca Hart. This photo focuses on Bianca’s eyes and facial expressions. Eyes are a symbol of wisdom, sight and individuality as no two people are the same. Facial expressions can provide us with a glimpse into a person’s story. The tones, colour and shadowing on the photo have been created through layered images. The effect is to represent the inner emotions, feelings and spirituality of a young person; colourful, fun, reckless and expressive.