LHC Learning Framework
Senior School Curriculum
Middle School Curriculum
Academic Outcomes
Student Wellbeing
Centre for Innovation, Teaching Excellence and Leadership
We connect to our future and achieve growth, development and understanding through learning.
Our learning framework is designed to develop students’ thinking skills within authentic, real life contexts, and provides a unified approach to curriculum planning and delivery. Based on the Good Samaritan Philosophy of Education, it is divided into the six dimensions of learning, with the aim of strategically nurturing our learning culture.
Middle school curriculum
Our middle school curriculum provides a three-year learning journey for students. We offer a curriculum that is relevant to the life of our students and which offers strong teacher-student relationships built on a continuity of teaching staff.
Via extended blocks of instruction and a curriculum that is planned and delivered by our team of teaching staff, our middle school students are engaged and challenged with academic and life skills that prepare them for their step forward into senior education.
Senior school curriculum
Our senior school students are provided with a diverse range of opportunities to experience real and authentic learning that connects them to their future after school.

We offer a wide range of OP and non-OP subjects as well as vocational education and training opportunities, including traineeships.
Our Year 10 transition program enables our students to participate in a range of activities to enhance their personal, academic, pastoral, spiritual and physical development.

In preparation for university entrance, our College offers customised mentoring programs to enhance OP results and QTAC rank outcomes.
Through learning, our students take positive steps forward toward better futures.