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Centre for Innovation, Teaching Excellence and Leadership
Lourdes Hill College is deeply committed to teaching excellence and providing a relevant and high quality learning experience that can prepare students for their future.

In 2016, the Centre for Innovation, Teaching Excellence and Leadership (CiTEL) was established to advance this commitment and to establish the College as a leader in 21st Century education.

CiTEL provides state-of-the-art spaces with leading edge technology where staff can collaborate, research and share practice on campus at the College. The vision for CiTEL is to provide a physical and a virtual presence where educators can meet and collaborate towards advancing teaching excellence. CiTEL’s focus on external engagement and developing partnerships with other schools, institutions and universities will be important to extending the educational network beyond the boundaries of the College.

CiTEL’s three pillars of operation are Innovation, Teaching Excellence and Leadership.

Some of CiTEL's key objectives are to:
  • Support the strategic directions of the College towards achieving teaching excellence.
  • Establish the College as a leader in innovative staff professional learning experiences and demonstrated teaching excellence.
  • Create a safe, respectful and supportive learning environment to enrich the professional lives of LHC staff.
  • Develop and facilitate an integrated professional learning program that prepares staff for the changing demands of teaching and learning into the future.
  • Provide comfortable, welcoming, fit-for-purpose spaces for developing and sharing professional practice.
  • Develop a virtual presence to support the professional learning program and to enhance the functions and connections of the physical CiTEL.
  • Establish a culture of research and evidence-based practice.
  • Through the Learning Futures Project, support the development and enactment of the new College Learning Framework. 
  • Professional Learning: CiTEL oversees the development and delivery of an innovative and high quality Professional Learning Program at Lourdes Hill College.
  • CiTEL Studio: The CiTEL studio is a quiet space comprising equipment and software for staff to create multimedia resources and design engaging learning experiences for students. Support for users is provided by the Head of eLearning, the Director of CiTEL and a growing repository of self-help resources online. 
  • Partnerships: Partnership development and collaboration with schools and universities will be key to maintaining CiTEL as a research-based, cutting edge facility.
  • Projects: The Centre will support a range of projects and initiatives.
  • Research in learning and teaching: Learning Futures Project
The Director
Dr Janet Buchan (PhD., MEd., Dip.Ed., BSc.)


The Director of CiTEL, Janet Buchan, has over 25 years’ experience as an educator in secondary schools, TAFE and including over 13 years’ experience in universities in the various roles of manager, educational technologist, educational designer, researcher and more recently as a Senior Lecturer and Academic Developer (Learning Spaces). She is passionate about learning from, and working with, staff to create learning communities that can maximise the potential of staff to become engaging and successful educators.

For more information, please visit the CiTEL website.