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Middle School Curriculum
Our Middle School curriculum provides a three-year learning journey for students from Years 7-9. We offer a connected curriculum that is relevant to the life of our students and which offers strong teacher-student relationships built on a continuity of dedicated teaching staff.
Based on the three key themes of Relationships, Creativity and Investigation, the curriculum is designed to engage, challenge and prepare students for their step forward to senior education.

The Lourdes Hill College Middle School curriculum is built around the following key factors:
  • A subject-connected, non-crowded curriculum
  • A thematic curriculum, relevant to the life of learners
  • Planning and delivery by teams of teachers
  • Strong teacher-student relationships built on continuity of teachers
  • Extended blocks of instruction
The subjects currently offered to Middle School students are listed below.  Details of the content and conditions relating to these subjects are available on request. 

Years 7-9
Themes Subject
Relationships English, Religion, LOTE*, History & Geography
Creativity Music, Physical Education, Home Economics, Drama, Visual Art
Investigation Mathematics, Science, Economics & Business, Digital Technologies

*LOTE - Year 7 - Chinese, Year 8 - Japanese, Year 9 - Chinese or Japanese or German

Faculty of Differentiated Learning:
Structures and specialist staff support the enhancement of learning in key areas:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students
  • High Achieving Students
A small number of students may be offered the opportunity to participate in extra Literacy classes following testing undertaken by the College.

Pastoral Care:
Whilst Pastoral Care is intrinsic in all classes and by all teachers, we also have a programme designed specifically to address the pastoral needs of our students. Our Pastoral Care Program teaches many values and skills which support students to make healthy choices by assisting them to develop knowledge and skills.

The Pastoral Care lessons which students attend once a fortnight will cover the following topics:
Year 7: Connection: optimum and emotions, relationships, courage
Year 8: Belonging: self-worth, presentation, changing body and brain, SMART girls.
Year 9: Personal Leadership: conflict resolution, authentic happiness, stress busters, humour.

Over and above these sessions we also have guest speakers to cover topics appropriate to the developmental stage of the year levels including, positive self image, being responsible digital citizens and leadership.