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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing at Lourdes Hill College is based on a commitment to the value and uniqueness of each individual and reflects the philosophy of Pastoral Care. 

Pastoral care permeates all areas of College life. Pastoral care of all students in the College community is fundamental to the ethos of this College. We draw our spirituality from St Benedict, St Scholastica and the Gospel story of the Good Samaritan. The values listed in the College Mission Statement guide the Lourdes Hill College community in establishing a safe, supportive and caring environment. The College aims to foster an atmosphere of trust where the dignity and worth of each person is nurtured. All members of the College community should experience a welcoming environment. Pastoral Care influences the College’s structures and programs of personal development and leadership training, valuing the gifts of each member. An age specific whole school Leadership Development program is designed to support the holistic development of students' wellbeing through an integrated exploration of relevant topics. 

The College Houses are Beck, Cullen, D'Arcy, Healy. Hendriks, Lee, McKee and Roche, each named after a significant woman in the life of the College. It is in these Houses that students compete in sporting and cultural activities. Students are placed in Home Groups of approximately 23 students with teachers who have a particular care for their welfare. The Home Groups comprise students from Year 7 through to Year 12 and students will remain in the same Home Group throughout their Lourdes Hill College journey. House Pastoral Leaders work with Home Group teachers to support student well-being.
Students are expected to treat each other with courtesy and respect and act with a sense of purpose and responsibility that aligns with the Benedictine values of Lourdes Hill College.