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Beck House

House Patron: Annie Beck

House Colour: Orange

House Value: Stewardship

House Ministry: Timor L'este
House History:
Beck House honours the name of Annie Beck, a proud Lourdanian and extraordinary Marist Missionary Sister who spent her life offering medical assistance and building hospitals in the Pacific Islands.  She attended Lourdes Hill College in the 1920s and later trained as a nurse. Annie became professed as a Marist Missionary Sister, Sr Mary Joseph in 1941. Soon after that she travelled to the Solomon Islands to work as a nurse.  She established a leprosarium in Tetere in the Solomon Islands where she worked as a nurse for many years. In 1956 she was recognised with an MBE, which she received with simplicity, seeing it as a gift to the Congregation rather than herself. Annie Beck passed away on December 6, 1985 in Sydney, leaving a legacy of well-run health care facilities for the underprivileged population of the Philippines, Solomon Islands and Tonga. 
House Prayer:

Compassionate God,
We give thanks for all teachers and students in Beck House.
Help us to walk in the footsteps of Annie Beck.
Give us the strength to succeed in our studies and give us the courage
to be independent women.
May the care Annie Beck showed, motivate us to be stewards of your creation
and carers of our environment.
Help us to demonstrate kindness and humility.
In the spirit of Annie Beck, may we act with courage, care and compassion.
May her spirit continue to unite our house, so we may grow together in your light.
We ask this in the name of Our Father