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Healy House

House Patron: Mary Gabrielle Healy

House Value: Community

House Colour: Pink

House Ministry: Philippines 
House History:
Healy House is named after Mary Gabrielle Healy, a Good Samaritan Sister who lived from 1908-1980.  She attended Lourdes Hill College during the 1920s and then, as a Good Samaritan, taught in a range of schools in Queensland and NSW, with music as her specialty.  Music was very central to her life and she initiated and supported a wide range of musical and operatic ventures.  Her focus turned to liturgical music in which she had involvement both nationally and internationally.  Sister Gabrielle’s life was epitomized by energy, enthusiasm and initiative and it is around those qualities that Healy House is built.
House Prayer:

Wonderful Creator,
Thank you for Healy House; for our teachers, for each other and for our inspiring patron, Mary Gabrielle Healy.
Let her energy for music, her enthusiasm for life and her initiative in helping others be guiding lights in Healy House.
Help us to plant her seed of optimism and allow it to grow within us so that we can be positive in all that we do.
May we be creative with our talents and learn to use them generously in forging a strong and faithful community.
Lord, send us your love and light so that we may be ever-grateful for the wonderful woman that Mary Gabrielle Healy was. Help us to become women like her.