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Hendriks House

House Patron: Joan Hendriks

House Value: Listening

House Colour: Blue

House Ministry: Santa Teresa
House History:
Mrs Joan Hendriks is an Aboriginal Elder and Past Pupil of Lourdes Hill College. Her daughter, Cindy, is a past College Captain. Aunty Joan is a descendant of the Ngugi people from Moorgumpin (Moreton Island). She currently resides on Stradbroke Island where she is near her people. Her family is a priority and she values the relationship between family, community and a place of belonging.  Aunty Joan graduated from Griffith University as an Adult Educator in the 1980s. Since then, she has worked in the field of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and been a member of numerous councils and committees. In 1993, Aunty Joan was the first Indigenous person appointed to the National Catholic Education Commission. In 2011 QCEC named The Aunty Joan Hendriks Spirit of Catholic Education Reconciliation Award in honour of her. Aunty Joan continues her close ties with LHC as our “Elder-in-Residence” and the girls in Hendriks House feel very fortunate to be able to spend time with her.  Aunty Joan is as proud of Hendriks House as the girls in Hendriks are of her.
House Prayer:

Spirit of God, breathe in us.
In love, compassion and community, we come together to pray as one.
We give thanks for the tradition on which Hendriks House is built.
May we learn from Aunty Joan Hendriks to heal hurts, reconcile wrongs and break down barriers.
Imprint the hand of friendship on our hearts that we may always feel pride and belonging in our House of blue.
Help us to remember: “It’s you. It’s me. It’s spirit. It’s us. And together, we are proud to be a family of Hendriks House.”