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Lee House

House Patron: Ethel Lee

House Value: Hospitality

House Colour: Black

House Ministry: Good Samaritan Inn
House History:
Ethel Lee was born in Cloncurry in 1900. She was the first Lourdes Hill College pupil in 1916. Some of Ethel's greatest achievements were, according to her own summation of her life: attending Lourdes Hill College; developing life-long friends at Lourdes Hill College – for example, Peggy Cullen; studying to become a nurse and working at a convent; being a loving wife to Mr John Hefferan and mother to her daughter, Patricia Mary. Ethel loved attending Lourdes Hill College. She was a representative in the first public appearance for Lourdes Hill College at the Eucharistic Procession held at Nudgee College. Daily Mass was also part of the Lourdes Hill College culture when Ethel Lee boarded here. Ethel appreciated the opportunity to attend Lourdes Hill College. In her memoirs she suggests that Lourdes Hill College guided her towards the goal of having a happy life, with a wonderful husband, a loving family and true friends, some from her school days. At Lourdes Hill College’s sixty year celebration Ethel stated:

"Be proud of your school for there is much of which you can be proud."

House Prayer:

Jesus, you knew what it was like to live in community. Help us to receive newcomers into Lee House, in the Benedictine spirit of hospitality and welcome.
Give us the spirit of compassion needed so that we might act to include others and embrace them in our circle of friendship.
Like Ethel Lee, our first Lourdes Hill College pupil, help us to make lifelong friends during our time in Lee House.
Give us her determination so that we will have the perseverance to study hard and achieve our goals.
And like her, allow us to see the great value in our school and our House, while being both proud of our achievements as well as humble in our successes.
We ask this in your name.