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McKee House

House Patron: Veronica McKee

House Value: Respect

House Colour: Green

House Ministry: Good Samaritan Housing
House History:
Veronica McKee was born in Toogoolawah, Qld, in 1925. She lived in Shire Street, Coorparoo, and attended St James’ Primary School there. When Veronica grew up she worked for the government first and then had a calling to join the Holy Spirit Order. She studied nursing after she entered the order. At one time she was in the National Catholic Girls Movement.  Veronica was a past pupil of Lourdes Hill College and a Holy Spirit Sister who spent a good deal of her life in India (from 1956 until the 1970s) working with the poor.  She built and administered a hospital in Bombay (now Mumbai) and then was Superior of a high school in Indore.  She was also responsible for building the first Catholic Medical School in India.
House Prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, in the spirit of our patron, Veronica McKee, we pray that we will be people of open hearts, building our relationships on respect.
Give us the McKee vision to see the beauty within each person, especially those whom society does not value.
United as a community of hope today, we pray that we may always feel connected by the spirit we have shared in our House and in our school, so that we may work for a world of peace and justice.