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Roche House

House Patron: Sr Mary Roche

House Value: Justice

House Colour: Red

House Ministry: Mater Dei School
House History:
Sr Mary Roche was born in the town of Gayndah, situated 120km west of Maryborough. At the age of 18, she entered the Good Samaritan Novitiate at Pennant Hills, New South Wales. For 34 years, Sr Mary worked for the Good Samaritan Colleges in and around Sydney, developing a passion for education especially in the disciplines of Religion and Mathematics. During this time she was appointed Principal of Mount St Benedict College, Pennant Hills, and also St Patrick’s College, Campbelltown, both for a period of six years. In 1984, Sr Mary returned to Queensland working in Townsville, Wilston and Ayr, before joining the staff at Lourdes Hill College in 1998. For the next ten years she passionately taught Religion and Mathematics at the College, with her Thursday afternoon Maths tutoring sessions becoming the stuff of legend. She was a well respected teacher and her students were always taught with much love and care. In 2007, Sr Mary retired after a dedicated career in education that spanned six decades.  Despite having formally left the classroom, she continued to devote her time to serving Lourdes Hill College as a member of the Benedict Resource Centre staff, and the wider community until her passing in July 2016. Sr Mary Roche was proud to be patron of Roche House and was humbled by her appointment. Roche House strives to uphold the values of our patron by actively practising “compassion, respect and teamwork” throughout all aspects of our House.
House Prayer:

Ever present and loving God,
shine your guiding light into our hearts so that we may act with compassion towards our neighbour.
May we strive to respect ourselves and to treat others in the same way at all times.
Let us work together in harmony to achieve our best and to help those in need.
Give us the strength to speak the truth with conviction in the face of injustice.
Help us to live our lives by the example of our patron, Sister Mary Roche.