Following the path of the Good Samaritan

College Captains Ella and Ella win the Future Leaders Future Justice Award.

Lourdes Hill College aims to instil in each student the value of walking the path of the Good Samaritan and our 2022 College Captains, Ella and Ella have walked this path with pride this year.  

Ella and Ella have been awarded the Future Leaders Future Justice Award for 2022 to recognise their commitment to leadership and creating a better world for future generations.

The Future Leaders Future Justice Award acknowledges a Year 12 student who has demonstrated leadership and initiative on intergenerational equity, future justice. 

For the fourth year, Lourdes Hill College students have claimed this prestigious award recognising the value of an education in the Good Samaritan Education Tradition.  

Ella and Ella’s dedication to tirelessly serving their community has resulted in the first dual winners since the Award’s conception in 2008. 

Guided by LHC’s three stories based on, the Parable of the Good Samaritan, the Benedictine tradition and the miracle at Lourdes, Ella is grateful for the experiences and opportunities which have been a part of her LHC journey. 

“The people I've met, from a vast array of backgrounds and the lessons I've learnt about compassion and generosity have ultimately shaped who I have become,” said Ella. 

“I have enjoyed collecting shoes for First Nations communities, gathering sanitary products for women, serving meals on a Sunday to those experiencing homelessness and hosting events for fire relief fundraisers,” said Ella. 

Ella has learnt the importance of human rights from the story of the Good Samaritan and emulated this through her work with the College Benenson Society Group. 

“This group was a cornerstone in my personal development as it encouraged me to speak out and educate myself about injustices that were not necessarily staring us in the face, but rather are worldwide issues such as human trafficking,” Ella said. 

Ella and Ella have demonstrated service to the LHC community and the wider community that will not only make a difference today but will continue to create change in the future. 

Ella and Ella are now paving the way for student leaders who will follow their path as they try to leave behind a better world for future generations. 

LHC is proud to have fostered four years of Future Leader Future Justice Award winners and hopes to continue to guide the future leaders of our society down the path of the Good Samaritan.