"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents" ​

Jane D Hull

Lourdes Hill College embraces the mounting body of research into the benefits of working collaboratively with our parents and carers. We know if parents and carers are involved with our College in a respectful relationship, the outcomes for our girls are vastly improved. The collaboration improves learning, engagement, attendance, social skills and behaviour. 

P & F Events

Our Parents & Friends is a wonderful group of highly supportive parents and carers who volunteer to bring our College community together through both social and educational events which enhance the welcoming and caring atmosphere of our Good Samaritan community. These fun-filled events also provide opportunities for families to make lifelong friendships. 

Closed Year Level Facebook Pages

In addition to events, the P&F has a strong commitment to supporting each other as parents and carers. As such, our Year Level Parent Coordinators oversee a closed Year Level Facebook page for each Year Level designed to keep our parents and carers connected and informed.

P & F Meetings

Becoming a member of the LHC P&F and attending monthly meetings provides parents and carers with the opportunity to:

  • contribute to the life of the College
  • get to know the College community
  • spend time with the P&F Executive and with our Principal, Robyn Anderson
  • engage in person with College projects

​If you have a daughter at Lourdes Hill, you are automatically a member of our P&F community. We welcome and encourage your involvement!​

Together We Are Better!