Enrolment Fees & Payments

Lourdes Hill College strives to keep fee levels as accessible as possible whilst continuing to maintain appropriate levels of staffing as well as supporting ongoing investment in our various faith, learning and connection programs.

The College Fee Schedules are reviewed annually by the College Board of Directors. Fees listed within the Fee Schedules are all-inclusive and cover all compulsory tuition, technology and capital charges associated with the College curriculum. Extra-curricular (or elective) activities such as sporting groups, clubs. music tuition, social activities etc. are charged separately. Parents are required to authorise a student's involvement in each of these activities and are advised as to costs at that time.

Home Students

Current fee levels and supporting policies for Australian resident students are as follows:

For those families wishing to pay fees via a Direct Debit Instalment Plan, please refer to the letter from the College Business Manager sent to families on the 8th of December 2023.

    Overseas Students

    Current fee levels and supporting policies for Overseas students are as follows: