The College’s Co-Curricular Culture program challenges and inspires students to open their minds, develop courage and engage in high level experiences which promote artistic expression and forward thinking.

We foster creativity, collaboration and highly effective communication skills across the areas of Music, Studio Art, Performing Arts and Debating.

Lourdes Hill offers all students the opportunity to explore their creativity and develop self-expression. Each area within Co-Curricular Culture caters for beginner to advanced skill levels.

Programs and activities include:


  • LHC Symphonic Band
  • Middle School Band
  • Stage Band
  • String Orchestra
  • Ensembles (Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Percussion, Strings)
  • LHC Concert Choir
  • Middle School Choir
  • Chamber Singers
  • Vocal Performance Quartets

Performing Arts

  • Year 7 Dance Troupe
  • Middle School Dance Performance Troupe
  • Senior School Dance Performance Troupe
  • Senior Drama Ensemble
  • Middle School Drama Ensemble
  • Shakespeare Club

Studio Art

  • Drawing
  • 3D Forms
  • Print Making
  • Clay
  • Photography


LHC Participates in the Queensland Debating Union Competition