Years 5 & 6 @ LHC

Lourdes Hill College is excited to introduce Years 5 and 6 from 2025. Our tailored Junior School Program will allow our students to transition from Primary to Secondary School in a unique environment.

Our Years 5 and 6 Program has been designed specifically to ensure students are able to transition from the Junior School with a unique understanding of the LHC community and our Learning Framework.

We offer our students the learning and support programs required to reach their full potential. These opportunities include:

  • Access to specialised learning and teaching
  • Before and after-school care (more details to come)
  • Co-curricular activities in Culture, Service and Sport 
  • A developed sense of community and belonging 
  • Leadership and developmental opportunities  

The Year 5 and 6 Programs will be designed to support our Junior School students through a critical stage in their learning, growth, and development with the assistance of dedicated and experienced teachers and support staff.


Programs of study for Years 5-6 will be based on the Australian Curriculum and supported by both the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and the Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). 

All learning at Lourdes Hill College is underpinned by our Learning and Teaching Framework, our LHC Classroom Design Process and our Stella Wellbeing Framework.

Our collaborative and supportive learning environment will assist our Year 5 and 6 students to become resilient and articulate learners.

The Years 5 and 6 Curriculum will include the following:

  • Religious Education
  • Stella Wellbeing 
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • Languages
  • Humanities (History, Geography and Language)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts (Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts)
  • Digital Technologies


LHC recognises that the inclusion of Co-Curricular and Service opportunities is pivotal to developing well-rounded students.

Our Junior School students will have access to an extensive Co-Curricular program which will encourage positive relationships and provide insight into LHC’s Secondary Co-Curricular program.



Our Junior School students will have full access to onsite sporting facilities and the opportunity to compete in representative school sports. Quality sporting opportunities are fundamental to providing team and leadership development, courage and confidence alongside known health and physical benefits. Enrolled students can participate in programs offered by our School of Sport programs.

Creative Arts

Co-Curricular cultural activities are an important part of the life of the College. Enrolled students can participate in programs offered by our School of Music and School of Art programs.


Our Junior School students will enjoy a whole cohort of Service opportunities similar to those currently offered in the Middle School Social Justice Program.


Our existing two-storey J-Block (Santa Teresa Building) has been designated as the Junior School Centre and will receive an extensive refurbishment that will begin in 2023. The purpose-designed classrooms will be completed in time to welcome our Year 5 and 6 students in 2025.

This designated area within the College will provide a range of vibrant and high-energy learning and social places, featuring large open, flexible and energy-efficient classrooms, supplemented with rich integrated technology designed to support collaboration and creativity.


The new facilities will feature outdoor lunch and play spaces with renovated gardens and seating areas on all sides. Our Junior School Centre will also be adjacent to the new Master Planned entry to the College enhancing students’ and parents’ entry to the College, as well as supporting drop-off and pick-up options and further driving convenience and safety for our entire College community.

Our Junior School students will enjoy the safety and familiarity of their own classrooms and class teachers while enjoying classes with specialist staff in our wonderful facilities. These include a theatre, sports centres, impressive science laboratories, creative arts facilities, home economics rooms, a laptop help desk and a state-of-the-art library and information services centre.


Our current Stella Wellbeing Program will be extended to involve our Year 5 and 6 students in creating an environment that fosters a love of life and love of learning.

The Co-Curricular program will also allow our Junior School students to meet LHC students from other year levels, building their sense of community and belonging. This allows them to explore new experiences and passions in a safe and welcoming environment.

Through the LHC Wellbeing Program, we aim to create a place of joy and love of learning, where students treat each other kindly, talk to staff and seek help when needed, and utilise skills and strategies to manage their own thoughts, emotions and relationships.

Why choose LHC?

  • Lourdes Hill College is dedicated to the unique, grassroots, student-led Space to be Yourself project that ensures students feel they belong and are able to value their individuality. 
  • Our Year 5 and 6 dedicated precincts will be conveniently located next to our on-campus Pick-up and Drop-off zone, allowing for a safe and efficient collection of students. LHC will also offer an Outside of School Hours Care program to support Parents and Caregivers, ensuring their children are supervised and engaged. (more details to follow) 
  • Our Junior School students will experience a contemporary, inclusive, and empowering approach to education in a holistic and safe learning environment.
  • Students of Year 5 and Year 6 will now have the opportunity to thrive under our College’s mission to educate and empower young women to embrace a love of life and learning and to enable them to pursue their full potential.
  • The LHC Year 5 and 6 program will allow students to be introduced to all aspects of the LHC community, participating in College celebrations, assemblies, liturgies and masses. LHC recognises the importance of providing leadership opportunities to our students. Our Year 6 students will have leadership positions built into the Junior School through official Student Representative Councils.

For our initial intake in 2025, we will offer Year 5 and 6, with Year 5 intake thereafter.

If you would like more information, don't hesitate to contact Colette Duvall, Director of Admissions via email at