Global Stars Project

Girls thrive when they are not just learning for assessment but are engaged with real-life ideas and experiences that spark their interest. Thus, in Years 7-9, students engage with our unique Global STARS Project which is a program of creative and critical learning underpinned by design thinking principles and the Digital Technologies curriculum. 

In twice-weekly lessons we encourage our students to think about their impact on the world and envision how they can make a difference to others. We aim to inspire our students’ interests and develop skills for life with our programme that promotes creativity, innovation and wellbeing.

Each year level of the Global STARS Project has a strong focus on cyber safety where students learn how to be thoughtful and responsible digital citizens who engage positively with social media and other online platforms. 

The Global STARS Project culminates in a Year 9 Showcase to the College community and families. Students display their entrepreneurial solutions to both local and global issues. They use digital technologies such as website design, coding of apps and robotics, 3D imaging and printing, and film creation experienced across their three years of study. Our students are inspired by their projects which demonstrate their innovative, future-focused learning and problem-solving capabilities.