Senior School Success Program

As our Senior Schooling students embark on their ATAR/Non-ATAR Pathways journey, they participate in the “Senior Schooling Success (Triple S)” Program.

The Triple S Program empowers our Senior School students to make their own effective learning and assessment decisions so that each student can aspire to achieve success in their academic studies.

Based on contemporary research of how female secondary students successfully approach learning and assessment, the program provides students with a range of “best practice” strategies to help them develop their “grit” mindset, in order to persevere with passion as they work through each academic milestone over their two-year journey. Therefore, this program’s design and development has been in direct response to the 21st century learning needs of all young people; the emerging trends in academic studies for the Queensland Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance (SATE) system; and the strategies to adopt when transitioning to further education, training and employment.

The program consists of:

  • dedicated one-to-one Academic Mentoring sessions with their Triple S Mentor, where each student can discuss her own academic performance and develop an “Individual Grit Action Plan” to set specific and measurable academic goals to achieve;
  • “ConnectUs Faculty Masterclass Tutorials” where students sign up to weekly subject-specific tutorials, hosted by the Senior Head of Faulty of that subject area, to receive up-to-date assessment information and discuss helpful hints when completing each assessment item; “ConnectUs Senior Hub” study tutorials where students can have large subject-specific group discussions which are facilitated by our Senior School subject-matter expert teachers;
  • dedicated one-to-one ATAR/Non-ATAR Mentoring meetings to discuss academic performance predictions;
  • post-schooling pathways workshops presented by our Careers Counsellor and invited external guest speakers;
  • seminars designed to provide up-to-date QCAA and QTAC information which are presented by the Assistant Principal (Learning and Teaching) and the Director of Senior Studies;
  • alumni student presentations designed to motivate and encourage students to embrace their academic focus so that they can work towards achieving their academic pursuits; and
  • “ConnectUs External Assessment Master Tutorials” where students can engage in unpacking specific External Assessment subject matter questions (e.g. the QCAA Mock External Exams) which are facilitated by our Senior Heads of Faculty and our Senior School subject-matter expert teachers.

Through embracing one’s self-efficacy, adopting effective study strategies, utilising the Senior Hub to maximise peer support in consolidating specific subject matter and motivating everyone in each House Group to strive for success, we are committed to ensuring that each student has the space to be themselves so that they can celebrate the achievement of their own academic endeavours.