Academic & Learning

At Lourdes Hill we are proud of our long tradition of outstanding academic outcomes. Our emphasis is always on meaningful learning experiences. Our staff are committed to excellence in every aspect of the preparation, delivery and feedback for academic programs.

It is our role to meet students where they are and help them to achieve learning that is significant and rich. We achieve this by knowing every girl and her individual needs, respecting difference, providing challenging and visible learning and employing a wide range of powerful teaching strategies.

Relationships are key to all learning. We foster strong partnerships between students, teachers and parents which are based on mutual respect. We will always do better together.

The Australian Curriculum is translated thoughtfully by our teaching staff. This curriculum is further underpinned by our strong belief in fostering creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, the effective use of technology, and project-based learning.

We are proud of the way we tailor our teaching practices to support the learning of adolescent girls. We commit time and resources to ensure we are utilising the best possible research and developments into the way adolescent girls learn and how best to support them for success across the curriculum and in life beyond school.