Spiritual Life of the College

Lourdes Hill College is a faith community. We share a rich spiritual tradition and shared Christian values that inform all that we do.

At Lourdes Hill College we are called to inspire young women to put their faith into action for the benefit of others. We actively encourage our students to recognise and respect the opportunities we have to serve our communities and our environment.

The College’s faith life is varied and offers students and the community many opportunities to nurture their spiritual journey.

Religious Education

At Lourdes Hill College, all students study Religious Education. These programs are developed by the Archdiocese of Brisbane and cover four main themes: Beliefs, Sacred Texts, The Church and Christian Life. The approach involves teaching about religion and does not presume knowledge nor does it try to change beliefs.

Prayer and Liturgical Life

The College community gathers in worship regularly as well as for a number of special occasions. These celebrations are accessible to all and all are welcome. We also offer daily and weekly opportunities for our students and staff to come together in prayer.