Lourdes Hill acknowledges our community's increasing global and environmental concerns and is committed to caring for our planet. We cultivate a sensitive awareness of the world and embrace the importance of protecting the delicate ecosystems of our planet. (Pope Francis Laudatio Si)

Our initiatives for sustainability encourage students to think and act in ways which respect our environment and raise awareness of the need for a more socially-just world. These initiatives include:

  • the Paddock to Plate project - students and staff grow and maintain a garden of edible products for use in the tuckshop and wider community,
  • increasing and maintaining biodiversity Eg: maintaining a lavender plot and planting fruit trees and other flowering plants to encourage bees,
  • the use of organic material from the waste bins for the College gardens,
  • the promotion of energy efficiency using technology to limit paper usage,
  • purchasing sustainable products and buying in bulk to avoid excess packaging,
  • a suite of differentiated waste bins.

Other initiatives focus on the relationship between global poverty, inequality and consumerism that lead to environmental degradation.