History & Traditions

Lourdes Hill College was established in 1916 by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. The Sisters hold a deep commitment to education with an emphasis on balance and stability. Well ahead of their time, they saw the benefits of a holistic education in creating a healthy, fulfilling life.

Today our community honours this tradition via:

  • A caring Catholic community
  • A call to each student to live their faith in action
  • A comprehensive and innovative curriculum, challenging students to explore opportunities and grow to their full potential
  • A strong emphasis on wellbeing and personal growth
  • A wide range of cocurricular activities focused on balanced development

We draw our heritage from three sources significant to Catholic culture: The Gospel story of the Good Samaritan, the Benedictine tradition and the miracle at Lourdes. These touchstones guide us in our approach to one another and the world.