Senior School Student Leadership

Leadership Theme – Nurture a culture of 'space to be yourself'

Student Leadership at Lourdes Hill College is a pivotal aspect of College life. Our service, pastoral, cultural, academic and sporting programs offer our students many opportunities to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. Research tells us that leadership is, after all, a key twenty first century skill.

Our student leaders wholeheartedly assist in the creation of a College culture of respect, tolerance and commitment to courage. There is a distinct emphasis on “giving others the space to be themselves.” Our student leaders understand that they are the custodians of the College culture connecting the success of the past with the spark of the future.

Our leadership program aims to grow our students as leaders by role modelling independent thought, experience and reflection. The program aims to empower girls to create positive lessons out of past ‘failures’ and experiences thus fostering women of action, influence and integrity. 

Student leaders at Lourdes Hill are not only selected from the graduating class, as is the case in most schools. We seek to develop these skills throughout a girl’s education. For this reason, we have leaders in the Middle School and the Senior School. In service, sport and cultural groups, leadership roles are also awarded according to merit and commitment.