Inspiring Girls Blog Thursday, 02 Feb 2023

Inspiring Girls - Issue 35

New school, new friendships! How can you support your child while they go through the...

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Friday, 25 Nov 2022

Inspiring Girls - Issue 34

Being happy is not the be-all and end-all. We have many other emotional states that...

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Inspiring Girls Blog Friday, 11 Nov 2022

Inspiring Girls - Issue 33

There is one select group of people who can make the change we need in...

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Thursday, 13 Oct 2022

Inspiring Girls - Issue 32

Just when we thought smoking was on its way out… here comes vaping! How should...

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Friday, 23 Sep 2022

Following the path of the...

Lourdes Hill College aims to instil in each student the value of walking the path...

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Friday, 09 Sep 2022

Inspiring Girls Blog - Issue 31

School and the ‘real world’ bear very little resemblance to one another. It doesn’t need...

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Friday, 22 Jul 2022

Lourdes Hill College introduces Years...

Lourdes Hill College has announced it will welcome students into Year 5 from 2025, extending...

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Friday, 22 Jul 2022

Inspiring Girls Blog - Issue 30

This simple mindset change can make the teenage years a lot more fun and a...

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Thursday, 09 Jun 2022

Inspiring Girls - Issue 29

Music education has the proven ability to improve our children's brains and the quality of...

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