Mirragin Program


The Mirragin Program is a program for First Nations students at Lourdes Hill College. Our First Nations students from Year 7-12 have cultural connections to over 37 communities throughout Australia.

We feel blessed to be afforded the opportunity to help empower our First Nations students to explore and embrace their cultural identity. We acknowledge this responsibility as a key component of the reconciliation and healing journey within the College. Mirragin is the local language word for 'star'.

What we do

The Mirragin Program offers students opportunities to connect to their cultural identity in authentic and meaningful ways. With a focus on a sense of belonging we offer pastoral care and social activities via our fortnightly lunchtime meetings, as well as academic support to assist students in achieving their full potential.

Lourdes Hill College is also committed to building strong relationships outside our school community with organisations such as QATSIF, Indigenous Veterans Affairs, the Indigenous Constitutional Convention and Santa Teresa - a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory.

Mirragin Badge

On entering LHC all First Nations students receive a special Mirragin badge. Mirragin is the local language word for Star and the badge represents this. The star is on a background of mottled purple, our College colour, reflecting the traditional splatter painting method. Around the central circle, we see eight smaller circles representing the eight Houses of our LHC community. Together they form a star.