Middle School Academic & Learning

In Year 7 we begin by building the Foundations for Excellence. We have a comprehensive induction program to ensure the students are settled, make new friends and connections, and become comfortable with secondary school routines. 

Year 8 is about Exploration and Experiences as students continue to learn within our connected curriculum, balancing subject-specific rigour with real-life examples linking knowledge and big ideas.

As our girls move to Year 9, and become the leaders of the Middle School, we encourage them to be Future Builders.  They more thoroughly explore links in their learning and begin to look beyond themselves, considering innovative solutions to local and global issues. 

Lourdes Hill College’s academic program both supports and challenges students. In Years 7 – 9 students are exposed to a breadth of study to equip them to make informed choices as to their personal strengths and interests. 

Students are encouraged to consider the world through a global lens by understanding Relationships and this can be seen by engaging in real-life issues and ideas in English, History, Religion, Geography and the study of Language.

In our Investigation subjects of Maths, Science and Business, there is opportunity for students to focus on the core understandings and concepts of these disciplines. They also undertake cross-subject projects that explore the links between scientific ideas with Maths and Economics/Business principles.   

Our curriculum program supports the essential 21st Century Capability of Creativity with every Middle School student undertaking Visual Art, Music, Drama, Design (Food Nutrition and Textiles), and Health and Physical Education throughout her Middle School years.

Faculty of Differentiated Learning

Structures and specialist staff support the enhancement of learning in key areas: 

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • First Nation Students
  • High Achieving Students

A small number of students may be offered the opportunity to participate in extra Literacy classes following testing undertaken by the College.