Be Brave, Be You in 2022!

2022 College Captains - Ella and Ella

“We are very excited to be the Lourdes Hill College Co-Captains for 2022.  It is our privilege to lead a school where there is strong community support committed to encouraging every student to achieve their full potential.

This year, our College theme is Encounter Hope. We believe that Hope, which is one of the College’s values, gives life to dreams. Our vision is to explore the notion of encountering hope through the lens of optimism as a way of motivating and empowering students to give their dreams life. We will do this by working with the Student Leadership Team to promote the College’s numerous opportunities in Academia, Sport, Culture, and Service, so that each student finds their passion and their personal dream becomes a reality.

Our grass roots, student-led project, ‘Space To Be Yourself’ is a fantastic project which encourages students and the school community to accept and embrace difference and to value the uniqueness of everyone by giving students the confidence to be themselves.  

We will ask students to Be Brave, Be You in 2022!